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As we follow the words of Almighty God, as told by him to the
prophet Joel ,,,

"Tell your children about it
And let your children tell their children
And their children tell their children
From generation to generation"

Most graphics included in the following pages, are from other websites without permission but with a link to the appropriate site

For those viewers of my web site who prefer to read these pages in their native language, I have included the new and FREE IM Translator.  Enjoy!

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"If we go back far enough, we're all related". *

Welcome to my Jewish Genealogy web site

Some geneticists theorize that everyone on earth is at least a 50th cousin to someone else - and both Albert Einstein and Charles Darwin married their first cousins. If you go back far enough to Jacob, you'd be related to every genetic Jew; if you go back to Adam and Eve --to all mankind. 

And as you go through my site, we can get closer ...

This web site began as a 'place holder' for the many links that I had reviewed and felt were worthwhile to re-visit in the future as I was developing my own family tree. Later, when I decided that these links and bits of information  would benefit others,  I made the decision to share this  information with all who wanted to research their own Jewish roots.  My site isn't perfect, nor is it complete, but it sure beats having to search a lot of records at the library or traveling all over the net and best of all it's free! 

The site consists of describing the content of those various web sites that you will be interested in, so that it becomes easier for you to locate specific web sites that could provide reliable information on specific subjects. 

The goal here is to offer as many of those sites that you would need to crawl - but have the important links in one place.

Apparently it has been useful --- as well over 350,000 visitors have viewed this site since its inception. Thanks! I'm pleased to provide this site for your benefit. Although keeping up this web site is time consuming, it has become my passion.

One of the best things you can leave future generations of your family is accurate genealogy information.  Creating your family tree isn't as difficult as it may seem at first glance. Start with your own family -yourself, your siblings and your parents.  The best advice is to be sure to have accurate dates and places of birth information as it is crucial to future research.

When working with this web site, you will find that each link provides you with easy,  one-click accessibility  by 
Country and/or by specific  Subject - (all in alphabetical order) -- to the thousands of web sites that I have visited over the past ten-plus years 

Please note that some links will not work MAINLY BECAUSE some sites have been moved to a different address after I posted it's address or because OF A THOUSAND MORE REASONS and besides, I'm not perfect!

When you come across a "dead link", I would appreciate it if you would let me know.  Just use my Email link to help keep the site up-to-date.

Email: Jewishwebindex.com

This is a web site where the journey to understand who we are can begin and hopefully ends with success in finding your roots. 

Some links are very important - others are portals  to other links or offer detailed information to help you in your research. My email address is located at the bottom of each page.  Describe the country or subject where you encountered a bad link (or wrong information) so that I can identify and correct the problem.

Genealogy is all about sharing information, particularly in those geographical areas where there was considerable movement among a few closely-situated population centers. By tracing our pasts, we may understand our present a bit more thoroughly. There is a kinship when you meet another Jewish person.  There is history, shared culture and connection, no matter what you think about religion. And then there is our common DNA.  Most importantly, it's the memories of yesterday leaving a legacy for tomorrow!

It represent an entrée to the wonderful world of discovering your ancestral history. I hope that I have made it easier for you in your searching out the family.

             But remember to use the internet as one tool ... 
but not the only one

Although the amount of data on the internet relating to one's research is constantly growing, not everything is yet on-line and probably won't be for many years to come. The lesson to be learned here is "be patient."  Don't think of "hitting a brick wall" but rather as a difficult hurdle to overcome.

With your computer --- some research ---  patience --- and the Internet, you can be a time-traveler  --- discovering your own past --- seeing how your characteristics came down to you, and finding what you want to pass on to your children --- and theirs. You will find
Jewish history fraught with struggle and suffering.  You will also acknowledge and thank G-d that your ancestors had the courage and the vision to resettle their families.

If you are anxious to start ... go ahead ... click on any button to your left -- or at the bottom -- of all pages. Some pages have additional links to other pages on my web site i.e.  Lithuania offers a link to Lithuanian Shtetls etc.

And please don't forget to bookmark my site  and also share my site with your friends and relatives.  I suggest you visit weekly as I am constantly adding to every page as more information is gleaned from the Internet and from other resources.

I have also created a "
Newbie" page for anyone just beginning to research their roots. It is located at the bottom of the "Genealogy" page.

Good luck in your family search --- and Shalom! 

 "Getting what you want depends on knowing
where to go"

Your financial helps you and will be greatly appreciated.
If the information you receive from our web site is of
benefit to you, and you would like to help cover the costs
of keeping these pages online, please send your donation.
Just send an email, and I'll send you the address. Many thanks

Legal Disclaimer

You are welcome to use my web pages for your own personal or professional needs. These links have been selected for their quality, accessibility and usefulness in researching Jewish Genealogy. However, please be advised that you are doing so at your own risk. That is, under no circumstances whatsoever shall others hold me legally responsible for consequences arising from their proper or improper use. The principal aim of this Index is to provide a window on Jewish Genealogy, its unique culture, customs, history, languages, literature, art, music and institutions, as represented by this selective list of personal bookmarks. In many cases, these are lists of lists. 

All trademarks mentioned in my pages are the property of their owners and are acknowledged by me as their own copyrights. Much of the information has been obtained from postings on the many genealogical sites I visit daily. Unless stated, I am merely re-posting those items I feel are (or will become) of value to researching one's Jewish roots. I do not claim to be responsible for any links or information, but am only acting as a method to your personal research. Use of any information obtained via
Jewish Web Index is at your own risk. Jewish Web Index, and it's owner, Ted Margulis, specifically denies any responsibility for the accuracy or quality of information obtained through its services. You agree to indemnify and hold harmless Jewish Web Index and Ted Margulis from any claims resulting from your use of the service which damages you or another party.

The entire contents of my web site are copyrighted to the extent that they may be copyrighted as of January, 2012. All Rights Reserved.

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