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Special Interest Groups (SIGs) and Forum Sites

Undeniably, one of the best Jewish Genealogy forums and one of the earliest Jewish sites available to learn about this most popular hobby ... genealogy  
Here, many volunteers contribute much information to develop a very prime source of information for those who are just starting out ... and it is a valuable source, as a reference point, for those who are professional genealogists.  There are a number of other sites that also provide you with a "starting point", but none are focused exclusively on Jewish Genealogy.

One problem that existed (until I created Jewishwebindex.comis that many of the thousands of addresses and information were volatile.  That is, once the information was exposed on a JewishGen Digest page, that information could only be found by searching the site's archives.  And that's a tedious task since you have to know specifically what you are looking for.  Since I never liked working tediously, I hope that you will find my INDEX to Jewish Genealogy helpful and beneficial.

To subscribe to JewishGen go to 

and follow simple directions.  You can also send an Email: :
listserve@lyris.jewishgen.org and in the body of the message: subscribe
your first name)  (your last name)  You have a choice of either receiving single messages (you will be bombarded with over 25 messages a day) or the Digest form, which I heartily recommend.  There is no charge for this service, but you will be asked to donate from time to time to help defray the expenses of this not-for-profit business.

JewishGen, Inc.
2951 Marina Bay Drive
Suite 130-472
League City, TX 77573

The JewishGen Discussion Group

is mirrored to the Usenet newsgroup soc.genealogy.jewish  and is therefore a public list.  Not only are the archives searchable by anyone with an interest, messages can be retrieved from soc.genealogy.jewish  and archived in programs such as Dejanews


You can also access this group's archives via the home page of JewishGen and then clicking on "Discussion Group Archives:


JewishGen Discussion Group archives
A great place to learn about common topics!  The search page is located at

JGS Worldwide

How to Post a Message on JewishGen


Cure - "Here's how it works.  When accessing the JGFF to perform a search, you are asked to logon using either your Email: address or your JewishGen ID Number (JGID, formerly called the "JGFF Researcher Code"), and your Password.  If you have forgotten either, they can now be retrieved automatically by using" 

"What CURE will do for JewishGen is enable us to better manage all of our programs, assist in our planning process and provide the information we need to better serve our constituents."

"In addition to greater security for your contact information, your benefits will include not having to worry about updating your contact information individually in each program or mailing list, but to update it in one place and one place only -- CURE.  We expect this "one stop update" to be a great convenience and believe it will also result in far fewer "lost researchers" who forget to change their Email: address in each and every place it is listed on JewishGen."

"The new CURE logon screen will apply to the JewishGen Family Finder (JGFF)For complete information about the JGFF, see the "JGFF FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions about the JGFF"


Check the JewishGen Discussion Group Archives for past topics at http://www.jewishgen.org/wconnect/wc.isa?jg~jgsys~archpop

Cemetery Project (International Listings)


Cemetery Information on Staten Island Cemeteries: http://www.jewishgen.org/cemetery/usnycsi.htm

Centennia On-line  

A map based guide to the history of Europe and the Middle East from the beginning of the 11th century to the present.  It is a dynamic, animated historical atlas.  You can watch over 9,000 border changes occur as the map reshapes itself from date to the next.  This is a commercial product, but is worth looking over.

The company allows a download copy to use to try out.  This 'Working Model' covers the period from 1790 to 1819.  This was the era of the French Revolution, the Partition of Poland and the Napoleonic wars and is free for as long as you want.  MAC models are not supported for the free download.

A historical atlas, where the borders of Eastern Europe's many states shifted from month to month

Central-European Discussion List

C-EUROPE discussion email list is devoted to Central European politics, history and culture. It is in English.

Computer Genealogy Newsgroup 


Computer Special Interest Group (SIG)

Various special interest groups i.e. Lithuanian, Galicia, etc.  

Consolidated Jewish Surname Index

Includes the Jewish Records Indexing - Poland; All-Lithuania Database; All-Belarus Database; All-Latvia Database and JewishGen Family Finder is available at

There are more than 65,000 contributors and over 77,000 unique surnames from 20,000 towns in 97 countries.  Poland has the largest number of entries with more than 54,000.  Malta is identified by only one contributor.  The database receives close to 1.5 million visits a year   

Copy Service

Provides photocopies of LDS indices at a reasonable charge:

"Eastern European Research from your Home"

A lecture at a recent JGS Seminar is available as AJGS Minigraph #102 from IAJGS for a nominal fee or at your local JGS library.

Eastern Europe FAQ
Frequently asked questions about Jewish genealogical research in Eastern Europe offers a 'how-to' that should be read by anyone who is interested in researching his or her roots 


Family Tree of the Jewish People (FTJP)

A database with an wonderful search engine and is the place to submit your family tree.  Hosted by JewishGen

Galicia Digest

To subscribe put the following in the subject line: subscribe Galicia (your name) (Your email address) To send postings to the group: address your message to: galicia@lyris.jewishgen.org

Hebrew Genealogy Forum

'Family Roots' is a genealogy forum (in Hebrew) that is not related to any association/organization and deals with all aspects of Jewish Genealogy.  The Forum is free-to-use and the subjects discussed in it are not moderated  The Forum includes a: Table with all the surnames researched by its members; a Gallery for translation and recognizing requests; Links to sites mentioned and Articles originally written and translated.  This is a place to talk about genealogy research, ask questions, help others, share your success or failures and meet other people of like interest. The Forum's manager is Arnon Hershkovitz arnonh@tx.technion.ac.il 

How To Use JewishGen In Your Research

The basics of the JewishGen web site in 10 easy steps by Micha Reisel

Jewish Genealogical Family Finder - On-Line

This is a database of towns and surnames being researched by Jewish genealogists worldwide and can be searched via Email: .  Using this database, you can learn whether others are seeking ancestors of the same surname or town of origin. Besides searching, you can register your own surnames and towns as well as updating any existing entries.  This is where you may want to start your search.

There are more than 70,000 contributors and now 90,000 unique surnames from over 20,000 towns in 97 countries.  Poland has the largest number of entries with more than 54,000.  Malta is identified by only one contributor. 

To use the on-line JGFF system, send an Email: to jgff@jewishgen.org  No subject line is necessary.  In the body of the request message follow this format: Surname: Town; District (if known) Country.

JewishGen Archive

Search engine

JewishGen Calendar Converter


JewishGen Databases

A source of all kinds of genealogical information

JewishGen Discussion Group Digest

Here's a web site that you will enjoy every time you access it where many of your questions will be asked and answered.   It is addictive.

JewishGen Family Finder (JGFF)

A widely used searchable database which connects people who are searching the same ancestral towns and/or surnames

JewishGen Family Tree of the Jewish People (FTJP)



JewishGen FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions)


also available in Spanish at

JewishGen Festivals Calendar


JewishGen InfoFiles

There's much to be gleaned from this site.

JewishGen Junk Mail InfoFiles


JewishGen Litvak SIG

Home page at:

JewishGen Missing-identity Holocaust Web Site


JewishGen Rabbinic Genealogy SIG

The purpose of this SIG is to act as a central clearinghouse to providing researchers of rabbinic ancestry and rabbinic genealogies with a forum for the exchange of information. 

JewishGen Special Interest Group


JewishGen ShtetLinks

Sets up a link to other pages (by country and including Sephardic sites




Here is how to use the ShtetlSeeker system

1. Search the site, using exact spelling or the Daitch-Mokotoff Soundex system.  This search will display latitude and longitude for each location, as well as the distance to the country's capital city.

Searching the Shtetl Seeker site will also

2. list all of the towns within a certain distance of a given latitude / longitude coordinates.

3. Go to where you will find ShtetlSeeker - Radius Search which will allow you to search for all towns within a 1 to 30 miles (you choose whatever distance you wish) centered at the coordinates you choose.  You can even refine a search by limiting it to towns starting with a specific letter.

Link To The Web Form for Your Shtetl

JewishGen Support Center


Jewish Records Indexing - Poland (JRI-P)



Dr. Jack Zeller is president and can be contacted at
kulanu@ubmail.ubalt.edu Kulanu means all of us in Hebrew.

This is a group of Jews and non-Jews who are working to embrace lost Jewish communities throughout the world.  Kulanu is a home to any individual who is looking for a starting place or a place to help others start a more intense Jewish journey.


Home page is at

Dues are voluntary - $36 per year.  Checks may be mailed to
, Inc.,
Dept. 77-9253
Chicago, Il 60678-9253

Manage Your JewishGen Subscription 


To unsubscribe send an email to listserv@lyris.jewishgen.org with Unsubscribe in the subject line.  No need to fill in your own address as a robot computer handles the actual details of cancellation.

Jewish Orphanages in the US Website

Avery informative site that deals with orphanages in the US 

Jewish Search Engine Sites

A wonderful "jump-off" for researching your roots 

JewishGen hosted SIGS  (Special Interest Groups SIG)

Note:  I have also included known SIGS within the pages of their particular interest.

Belarus SIG
Includes the former Russian Empire Guberniyas of Grodno, Minsk, Mogilev and Vitebsk.  

Belarus discussion list
Not hosted by JewishGen  for those interested in Belarus using Internet discussion list 'netiquette'.

Bohemia-Moravia SIG
Includes Bohemia and Moravia (now the Czech Republic) plus parts of Austria, especially Vienna. 

Denmark SIG
Includes the Danish West Indies and other Scandinavian countries

Galicia SIG
Includes Austrian Poland, a province of the Austro-Hungarian Empire from 1772 until 1917, now in southern Poland and western Ukraine.

German-Jewish SIG
Includes Austria, parts of Switzerland, Alsace, Lorraine, Bohemia and Moravia.  


Hungary SIG
Includes parts of present day Slovakia, Poland, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Hungary, Austria and Romania. Publishes Magyar Zsido.

Kielce-Radom SIG
Includes the two Guberniyas of the Kingdom of Poland (Russian Poland), located in south central Poland and covering much of the area between Warsaw and Krakow.  Publishes Kielce-Radom SIG Journal.   Offers much information about these regions in southern Russian Poland



Landmanschaften Societies


Latvia SIG


Litvak SIG
Includes Kovno and Vilna Guberniyas of the Russian Empire, which includes much of the territory of current Lithuania.  This SIG acquires records from Lithuanian archives and publishes them in an on-line database.

The Rabbinic Genealogy Special Interest Group deals with the subject of European and Hasidic rabbis and dynasties.  The group publishes in both Hebrew and English a publication "Sharsheret Hadorot"  Journal of the Israel Genealogical Society

When posting a message to the Rav-SIG mailing list, be sure to include as much information as is known about geographic locations and approximate year (decade or century)

General Categories of Rav-SIG

General Bio-Bibliographical Works
Biographies and Family Genealogies
Sephardi and Mizrahi
Yizkor Books (having significant information on lineages or dynasties)
Regions, countries and towns (world-wide)
Periodicals and articles
Audiotapes and CD-ROMs

Regional Special Interest Groups


Romania SIG
Including Moldova, Bessarabia and Bukovina.  Publishes ROM-SIG News.

Southern Africa SIG
Including Lesotho (Basutoland), Botswana (Bechuanaland), Zimbabwe (S. Rhodesia), Zambia (N. Rhodesia), Swaziland, Mozambique and the former Belgian Congo.  

Stammbaum - German SIG
Sponsored by the Leo Baeck Institute

Suwalki-Lomza SIG
Includes these two northeastern Guberniyas of Russian Poland, now in northeast Poland and southwest Lithuania.  Publishes Landsmen.

Sephardic Sites Info
(See also my
Sephardic Links site)

Tombstone Inscriptions

Translations from Hebrew 

ViewMate Image Gallery

You can upload your graphics to the site along with your graphical queries to assist researchers.  All graphic uploads will be viewable for 7 days. Thereafter the graphics will be archived (permanently) in a searchable archive known as the "ViewMate Image Gallery". This will give researchers the ability to seek additional help with their queries, and allow others to browse in the gallery.

To browse the gallery, go to
and click the "Archive" button.

If you have not visited ViewMate before... see

JewishGen participants seeking commentary or problem solving advise from others, are encouraged to use ViewMate for the posting of Jewish Genealogy related graphics. Here you can post...

- Photos: for identification of people, clothing, buildings, scenes, objects, artifacts, etc.

- Letters, documents, book pages, maps, etc. for analysis or translation

Yizkor Book

Web site by shtetl in many Eastern European countries: http://www.jewishgen.org/yizkor/translatons.html

JewishGen's Yizkor Book Translation Project
An article appeared on May 31,2004 issue of Time Magazine

Yizkor Book Necrology Database
The JewishGen Yizkor Book Necrology Database has been updated with 15,000 additional entries from 8 Yizkor Books including:

Bedzin, Poland
Biala Rawska,
Lipno, Poland
Radomsko, Poland
Suprasl, Poland
Zawiercie,  Poland
Tomaszow Mazowiecki, Poland

and Szekesfehervar, Hungary. Also updated is the necrology database for Kolomyia, Ukraine.

The Necrology Database

The JewishGen Yizkor Book Necrology Database
indexes the names of persons in the necrologies -- the lists of Holocaust martyrs -- published in the Yizkor Books appearing on the Yizkor Book Project

This database is only an index of names; it directs researchers back to the Yizkor Book itself, where more complete information may be available.  This database currently contains over 150,000 entries from the necrologies of 164 different Yizkor Books.


Special Interest 

Adoptions Site

Online searchable database dedicated to researching Adoptees, Birth Parents, Adoptive Parents and Siblings

Alumni Reunions

HNOH (Hebrew National Orphan Home) has a page devoted to Jewish Orphanages in the US>  There are extensive lists of links as well.

American Red Cross

Holocaust and War Victims Tracing and Information Service, Linda Klein is the Director To see my success story ( Margulis Saga ) as published on their web site  and further information about the Red Cross and their various genealogical services

Ancestry.com  sites

Of Jewish interest including JewishGen, IAJGS and Avotaynu


Avotaynu Web Site

A subscription publication relating to Jewish Genealogy: 


Back issues of 'Nu What's Nu'


Cyndi's list


IAJGS (International Jewish Cemetery Project)

The scope of this project is the documentation of every Jewish burial site in the world.  The project does not include individual burial information

Jewish Adoption Website


Jewish-American History


Jewish Heritage Society - Information Resources

A jam-packed site worth your attention.  It contains archival inventories of files containing documentary sources of Jewish history from various East European countries, sorted by Country and then by city.  The only rub is that those pages I searched, are in Russian.  You can download and print the information and have it translated, if you wish or you may want to try your hand at one of the free translating sites on my web site.

"Judaism and Jewish Resource - Jewish Communities"

Authored by Andrew Tannenbaum  

Lawyer web site 

Information about names of current and past lawyers are included in this site located at:

LDS (Mormon Library)

An excellent place to start 

Mathematics Genealogy Project

Everyone who has a doctorate in mathematics during the 20th century is supposedly listed in this 28,000 names site.

Military Records
National Personnel Records Center
in St. Louis, MO.



Mailing list of all RootsWeb sites

Shtetl Finder 

Find information and map location of your shtetl

Shtetl/Uyezd Research Groups

Describes what a Guberniya is/was:

Southern California Genealogical Society & Family Research Library

Located at
417 Irving Drive (at Glenoaks Blvd)
Burbank, CA 91504
Phone: 1 818 843 7247
Email: scgs@earthlink.net

The Library offers a 'virtual tour' of the facilities including the German Genealogical Society of America (one of the largest in the US) - Genealogical Society Hispanic America and French-Canadian Heritage Society of California (one of the largest in the US and Los Angeles Historical Society).  The library contains over 30,000 books, manuscripts, maps, microforms, periodicals, and CDs.

Translation Service  ( Languages )

LingvoSoft Dictionary English <-> Yiddish for Windows  LingvoSoft Dictionary software English <-> Yiddish
for Windows - 400,000 words


 With this LingvoSoft smart dictionary software on your computer, you can easily switch between English and Yiddish, for prompt translations of 400,000 words both ways!
Download Free Trial now

VitalChek Network

Has a voice and fax network setup to help people get a certified copy of a birth, death, marriage certificates as well as other vital records.  The site provides the information on how to obtain a vital record from VitalChek's listing of participating agencies: 

  more to come ...

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